20karma is

a Guwahati based software firm conveniently located next to the famous Digholi Pukhuri with a fantastic work-place environment. It was established in the year 2007 and has a substantial amount of experience under its belt in the world of software development.

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Cloud-based Solutions

Capabilities to store and process your data in third-party data centres.

Bespoke Application

Customized or tailor-made software that precisely match your working practices.

Content Management System

The power to create and modify your digital content.

Our dream

It is our dream to burgeon into a well-known name, provide exceptional IT services and solutions, on a global level. 20karma aspires to be a propelling force, to be an agency of evolution that helps in the ultimate goal of holistic global development and prosperity. It is our aim to grow into a positive force in the society, helping organizations and people who are shaping the world for the better, in myriad ways.

What do we do?

20karma creates useful and quality software that provides a boost the organizations seeking our services. The technology that we use gives us an edge over others because we continually update and keep ourselves at par with the latest requirements and demands of the business. We create clean software pertaining to our customers' need by considering all the criteria required to ease managerial labour. Clients very often approach us with specific issues that they are dealing with. We tailor our solutions accordingly while taking a complete view of the factors contributing to their situation. We develop user-friendly and uncomplicated tools that befit our clients' requirements with careful consideration and planning.

How do we function?

Maintaining friendly and cordial relations with our clients is our motto. Besides maintaining a business-centric attitude towards work, we ensure that our customers are happy and satisfied. We are a small team and a close knit-one. All the team members apply their skills and understand their role in delivering a successful project and hence with collective contribution and collaboration we are able to keep our promises and give our clients what they require. The environment in our workplace and the general ambience is very friendly and peaceful. We are always keen on group discussions and clarifications, one-to-one communication and assistance. A good word or a vote of confidence which is never scarce, works as a charm for everyone related to our humble firm.

Why choose us?

Our clients are entrepreneurs, department directors, looking to solve a business problem or create new possibilities through developing new software. They need an efficient software company to make it happen, one they can rely on. At 20karma, our primary goal is to deliver quality products. And fast. We help you save valuable time, keep costs low, whilst enhancing code quality, consistency and security. Also our competency in the latest technologies ensures your software's design truly matches your business requirements. So you won’t be left with a product or system you didn’t want.