We are a small team of developers, constantly looking for fresh perspectives and solutions for your business requirements. We develop and deliver quality software that would minimize effort and maximize efficiency. Our goal is to provide our clients with the best suited applications and administer the best business solutions to help organisations thrive in the ever expanding market today.

Experienced and Enthusiastic

20karma has come a long way since its establishment. We were a small group of people when we first started out, eager to make our presence felt in the growing IT industry. We are devoted to serving organizations and providing top notch IT Solutions. After years of practice and meeting deadlines and clearing hurdles, we have gained much experience but have also learnt that learning is a continuous process and one can never learn enough. Our clientele is diverse and we like to undertake varieties of projects and challenges under our umbrella which only broadens our horizon in terms of work experience and expertise. We welcome all those who believe can be a great addition to our team.

Creative and Imaginative

We at 20karma are urged to reach into the depths of our imagination and apply our creativity in the work that we do every day. We focus on creating aesthetically pleasing products. Along with a strong and dynamic code, we find it extremely important to develop user-friendly and creating stand-out and speaks for the team. We develop not only software, but attractive software. We make sure our products are not only smooth functioning but also visually stunning.

Dependable and Dedicated

Building a company requires effort and dedication towards the service one provides and also towards building relations equally. We always help out and try our best to keep our clients satisfied with good and dependable service.